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which Services are you interested in?

All our services offer you a relaxing and personalized experience.

barber shop

Hair and/or beard? A facial treatment?

In any case, a unique moment of relaxation in our space dedicated to men!


Completely change the color or just cover some white hair?

Our color experts are there for you.


Want a new haircut? Or a particular formatting?

Our cosmetics experts listen to you and advise you.


Want more length but don't want to wait?
Or would you like to have more mass? 

Natural extensions are THE solution!

WEdding room

You are the queen.
You arrive... and we take care of everything.

A room specially dedicated to the bride and her suite.


Hair that is too curly, too voluminous, difficult to style? 

Keratin-enriched Brazilian smoothing is what you need.

Discover the service
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